01. Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions on the provision of services for freight forwarding companies.

Despcarga - Trânsitos e Despachos, Lda. is a Licensed Freight Forwarder with a License Number 484/2015 - DGTT and is member of the Association of Freight Forwarders of Portugal (APAT) with the number 735.

02. Containers

Each cargo has specific requirements and in this way, there are several types of containers specially designed for the goods to be transported.

The maximum permissible weight of each container depends on the legal limitations or the conditions of handling of the facilities covered during the transport between the origin and the destination.

Check our Container table about Dimensions and Types.

03. Madeira - Mainland

Transit Time

Madeira-Lisboa (Departure: Wednesday - Arrival: Friday)

Madeira-Leixões (Departure: Wednesday - Arrival: Friday)

04. Mainland - Madeira

Transit Time

Leixões-Madeira (Departure: Thursday - Arrival: Monday)

Lisboa-Madeira (Departure: Wednesday - Arrival: Thursday)

Lisboa-Madeira (Departure: Friday - Arrival: Monday)

05. Conversion Table

Conversion factors for units of the international metric system.

06. Incoterms

The international commercial operations have their origin in a contract of sale between the importer and the exporter, which stipulates the clauses by which the respective commercial operation will regulate. INCOTERMS (International Commercial Terms) can be considered as a set of optional international rules that the International Chamber of Commerce has assembled and defined based on practices more or less standardized by traders.

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